Registered Charity

Bamboo Projects is a registered mental health and disability support charity.

With no admin fees as our admin team are volunteers, you know that your donations go straight to our projects.

Cleaning up the Waterways Program

We engage those at risk of marginalisation to engage in activities cleaning up the waterways.

This provides connection to community and culture, as well as removing marine debris from our waterways.

Registered NDIS Provider

Bamboo Projects is a Registered NDIS provider offering a variety of supports, including social and community participation.

Contact us to see how we tailor our supports to suit your needs and goals.

How we chose our name

The ancient Chinese bamboo plant takes 5 years of watering and nurturing.
It doesn’t break through the ground until the fifth year. Once it breaks through the ground, it grows 90ft tall.

We relate this to the story of your mental health. You need to work on yourself with nurturing and support, and your results wont show overnight but they will show through.

Les Brown and the Bamboo Tree Story

Gratitude for our sponsors

Bamboo Projects

Providing mateship and support.

Registered NDIS Provider

Registered Charity

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Service Areas

Moreton Bay

Sunshine Coast

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